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Taking Advantage of ‘Yellow Vest’ Protest and Other Global Events to Score Amazing Travel Deals on Airfare

Over the past few weeks, the Yellow Vest riots have been taking place in Paris, France. More than a thousand people have been arrested. Businesses, museums, and government buildings have been shuttered as a result. I want to take a moment to talk about travelling to regions dealing with discourse (both civil and uncivil) and how you can use your knowledge of current events around the world to score some great travel deals. I have experience traveling to countries facing issues such as political unrest. I was even in Paris during the 2013 Trappes riots. 

During times like these, you can find some really great travel deals. I recently found round trip airfare from Dallas to Paris for $488 non-stop. When traveling, you are already faced with a certain level of culture shock. That is by design and part of the reason we love to visit new places. However, traveling to a place dealing with any level of instability can be stressful and potentially dangerous if you have not planned accordingly or are experienced in this type of travel.

I have always sought out challenges and adventures. I have never shied away from exploring a city or country because of instability for whatever reason. However, I will admit that during my first experience traveling to a new destination facing instability, like when I found myself in the middle of thousands of angry Trappes rioters back in 2013, I was a little intimidated and perhaps frightened. The language was foreign to me. I didn’t understand why rocks were being thrown or cars being burned. I didn’t even fully know where I was! Looking back, I don’t regret that experience because I learned a lot during that trip. However, it could have been better planned if I had just been aware of global current events.

Traveling to regions in political strife is fine. However, it is best that you ease into this kind of travel. I recommend you take advantage of these deals but do so with a great travel plan. Think outside the box when planning your itinerary.

You could rent a car, leave the city and go to the French country side for a road trip. Whatever you do, try getting out of the city. Drive to Colmar, France and walk the streets. Explore Little Venice and Dominican Church. Drive 20 minutes north and explore Neuf-Brisach fortress. About 25 minutes to the south, you will find the Alsatian Heritage Museum, one of the largest living museums in Europe featuring craftsmen demonstrating their skills, sample Alsatian cuisine, and learn about Alsatian culture through the centuries. That is just one idea of hundreds you could pursue.

Remember this advice, the safest way to travel is to be the wolf and not the sheep. Plan your travel around this concept. There are great deals available for those who think outside the box. Paying attention to current events around the world may pay for your next adventure and keep you safe.

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Austin Patton

Thank you for reading! I'm a travel and tourism content creator, digital marketing guru, and author of the book How to Travel the World and Experience Life Changing Destinations. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this post.

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