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Travel consultation

Getting Started

If you are planning a vacation or perhaps moving to a new country and don't know where to get started, I will help you save time and money doing that for any destination.

itinerary review

Let's talk about your itinerary and make sure it will work. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a traveler is getting too ambitious (or not ambitious enough) with the itinerary.

Safety and Scams

Every country has certain safety issues and scams to avoid. The good news is that you can plan for them all. I will give you the run down of everything you need need to know before you leave.

Booking flights and accomodation

If you are looking to book cheap flights and accommodation, I'll tell you all the secrets used by the experts. We can also look at the best areas for you to stay, vacation rentals, and hotels.

Budget review

Let's take a look at your budget and make sure you are all set for you big adventure. We can review what you plan to spend on a daily basis and identify anything you might of missed or didn't even consider.

Activities and Tours

I will tell you about the best activities and tours for your destination(s). Everything from where to eat, what to eat, the must see places and what to avoid. I will also tell you how to book tours and provide contact info.

Choose the perfect plan

There are three options for our video consultation – which is conducted via Zoom.






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